About China Cache

Yunjie Liu


Mr. Yunjie Liu has served as an independent director since October 2005. Mr. Liu has extensive experience in telecommunications technology and management, particularly in the area of data communications. He currently serves as chief scientist of the Technology Committee of China United Network Communications (Group) Limited, formerly known as China United Telecommunications Corporation (Group) Limited, or Unicom Group. From April 1999 to December 2003, Mr. Liu served as the Chief Engineer and later vice president of Unicom Group. From May 2000 to January 2004, Mr. Liu was vice president of China Unicom (Hong Kong) Limited (formerly known as China Unicom Limited), a company listed on the New York Stock Exchange. Unicom Group is an indirect controlling shareholder of China Unicom (Hong Kong) Limited. After he retired, Mr. Liu served as a non-executive director of China Unicom (Hong Kong) Limited from February 2004 to April 2006. Prior to joining Unicom Group, Mr. Liu held various high-ranking positions at the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications, including director general of the Institute of Data Communication Research and president of the Institute of Postal. Mr. Liu received a bachelor's degree in physics from Peking University and is a member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering.

Independent Director