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ChinaCache divide the customer base into six industry groups. Based on the needs and preferences of customers of each industry, a wide range of integrated solutions is developed and tailored to the characteristics of each industry.

  • Media and Entertainment
  • Enterprises
  • E-commerce
  • Internet and Software Services
  • Mobile Internet
  • Government Agencies

Media and Entertainment

As more and more advertising spending is being shifted to online media, our customers in the media industry are adapting to this trend and investing significant resources in online content delivery. To capitalize on this opportunity, we customize our services aimed at media companies, enabling them to carry online broadcasting of major events, such as the CCTV Spring Festival Gala, and other rich media content to audiences. We customize our Rich Media Streaming Services and File Transfer Services to specifically address media companies' rich media delivery needs. In addition, our services for media companies typically include our Link Anti-Hijack and certain other value- added services. Entertainment or online game operators seek to cost-effectively deliver large files to hundreds of thousands of game players simultaneously accessing the same online game through different networks. In addition, due to the unreliable interconnectivity among different telecommunications networks in China, players located in different regions often cannot simultaneously play in the same game zone. Our online game solution is designed to address these problems by enabling online game operators to bypass traditional server and bandwidth limitations to ensure reliable and efficient file downloading, handle peak traffic conditions and substantially increase the level of interconnectivity. Our online game solution typically includes our Guaranteed Application Services, Web Page Content Services and File Transfer Services and certain other value-added services.


Our enterprise customers place importance on having their website give visitors from around the world a uniform experience, thereby projecting a consistent brand image. They also want to minimize or avoid interruptions or delays when implementing major promotions or other major events on their websites. We tailor our content and application delivery total solutions to address these needs, ensuring the same satisfactory internet experience for end-users throughout different parts of the world. Our enterprise solution also includes our Web Page Content Services, Rich Media Streaming Services and additional value-added services.


Companies engaged in the fast-growing e-commerce sector in China face significant internet-related problems specific to China's internet infrastructure. Internet congestion may affect the performance of websites or otherwise reduce the operating efficiency, thereby frustrating consumers. In addition, e-commerce companies need to effectively control internet security risks. To address the needs of our e-commerce customers, we have designed our e-commerce solution to allow proactive monitoring and rapid response to security-related incidents and anomalies. Our server network is designed to reduce the possibility of a single point of failure and reduce the impact of security attacks. Our e-commerce solution typically includes our Guaranteed Application Services.

Internet and Software Services

Internet portals often provide geographic- specific advertisements or other information and contain rich media content and applications, which require Rich Media Streaming and Guaranteed Application Services. Software providers typically have significant download traffic. Surges in traffic due to new software launches or the distribution of security updates can overwhelm traditional delivery system, impacting website performance and causing end-user downloads to be disrupted or fail. Our internet and software services solution helps these customers to address these needs. For instance, our Geo-Content Acceleration service enables customers' websites to automatically provide geographic-specific content to end-users corresponding to each end-user's specific geographic location. Our File Transfer Services can significantly increase the speed and reliability of software download.

Mobile Internet

Mobile internet refers to access to the internet from a mobile device, such as a smartphone. While mobile internet is a fast growing industry in China, mainstream mobile service providers in China are confronted with certain challenges in capitalizing on this development: Specifically, when accessing internet content from a mobile device, there are generally internet interconnection bottlenecks with other networks operated by fixed-line operators and general congestion within the mobile network. Leveraging our carrier- neutral network, our customized mobile internet solutions effectively address the interconnectivity bottleneck issues by facilitating the data exchanges between the networks operated by the mobile service providers and those operated by fix-line service providers.

Government Agencies

Our government agency customers regard website and data security as one of their top priorities. In addition, they have strong database processing needs due to the high volume of end-user requests for information from government agencies. We tailor our Guaranteed Application Services to specifically address government agencies' data security and data processing needs. In addition, our government agency solution includes our Managed Internet Data Services, as well as Web Page Content Services, Rich Media Streaming Services and additional value-added services.