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ChinaCache provides a portfolio of Internet content and application delivery services and solutions tailored to customers' needs and designed to help improve the performance and reliability of online services and applications.

ChinaCache provides the following services that are offered on a stand alone basis or combined as part of the company's integrated solutions packages:

  • Web Page Content Services
  • File Transfer Services
  • Rich Media Streaming Services
  • Guaranteed Application Services
  • Managed Internet Data Services
  • ChinaCache Cloud Services
  • Content Bridging Services
  • Internet Exchange and Data Center Services
  • Value-added Services
  • Mobile Internet Solutions
  • Cloud Infrastructure Development

Web Page Content Services

ChinaCache's Web Page Content Services allow website operators to improve the performance and reliability of their websites. To ensure a quality end-user experience, website operators must overcome several challenges, including network congestion and latency, server scalability and bandwidth constraints. Failure to address any of these can result in end-users experiencing delays or difficulties in accessing websites.

China Cache's Web Page Content Services provide clients with a number of benefits:

  • By distributing website content through ChinaCache's delivery platform, customers and their end-users can bypass the often congested Internet as much as is necessary and possible, thereby improving the response speed of customers' websites by alleviating the burden on the origin servers.
  • Hiding our customers' origin servers behind ChinaCache's servers helps to prevent hacking and improves the security of customers' websites.
  • Distributing web content through the ChinaCache delivery platform increases the reliability of customers' websites. Since end-users access cached content on ChinaCache's edge servers, a malfunction in the origin server will not affect end-users' ability to access customers' websites.
  • Distributing web content through the ChinaCache delivery platform increases scalability. As ChinaCache allocates additional bandwidth for customers during peak loads, customers do not need to make substantial investment in network infrastructure in order to meet peak demand.

File Transfer Services

As Internet usage has become more prevalent and broadband technology has become more advanced and widely accessible, there has also been an increase in the downloading of large-scale content, such as video and music files, game installation packages and software patches. In addition, social networking and media sharing websites that encourage end-users to upload user-generated content like short-form videos have become increasingly popular. Leveraging the company's content delivery capabilities, ChinaCache's File Transfer Services increase the speed and reliability of client's download and upload services. China Cache's File Transfer Services provide clients with a number of benefits:

  • After websites transfer their downloadable content to the ChinaCache platform, the company distributes the content to the edge servers to achieve optimal download performance. In general, end-users automatically obtain the required content from the most suitable node, thereby improving quality of service.
  • ChinaCache's File Transfer Services increase the upload speed of files from end-users by allowing the end-users to connect to the most suitable edge servers to upload information through exclusive high-speed network channels.

Rich Media Streaming Services

Live streaming of media files to end-users has become an important and popular online function. When media files are streamed to an end-user, the files are not stored on the end-user's computer, but are played by the end-user's media player software.

ChinaCache offers a portfolio of rich media streaming services to improve the transmission efficiency of media files, significantly offloading the pressure at the origin server and improving the quality of the end-user experience.

ChinaCache combines peer-to-peer technology with streaming technology by facilitating data sharing during the transmission of live streaming content.

Through its Rich Media Streaming services, ChinaCache is able to distribute almost all major types of rich media content, including video, audio, image and other contents, in a variety of file formats, including Adobe Flash, MP3 audio, QuickTime, RealNetworks RealPlayer and Windows Media.

Guaranteed Application Services

ChinaCache's Guaranteed Application Services are designed for websites that incorporate applications with dynamic features, such as on-line booking and ordering, real-time stock quotes and on-line surveys. Utilizing ChinaCache's dedicated transmission backbone and widely deployed servers, these services enable interactions between end-users and the origin servers to bypass public network congestion. As a result, ChinaCache ensures reliable and efficient application processing, significantly improving the end-user experience.

Managed Internet Data Services

ChinaCache's Managed Internet Data Services are a ''one-stop-shop'' services designed to meet customers' needs for content and application delivery, network infrastructure and network security.

Managed Internet Data Services are based on a combination of the traditional Internet data center services and ChinaCache's high-performance content and application delivery services. These offerings allow ChinaCache to expand the reach of its content and application delivery services to customers who wish to take advantage of locating their content and applications in secure, high-performance facilities.

ChinaCache distinguishes itself from conventional Internet data services providers by bundling its high performance content and application delivery services and Internet data management services.

Customers using ChinaCache's Managed Internet Data Services include enterprises, Internet companies, media and entertainment companies, government agencies and financial institutions.

ChinaCache Cloud Services

ChinaCache Cloud Services are a recent addition to the company's portfolio of services, and are designed to meet customer needs for cloud computing and network storage.

ChinaCache Cloud Services provide a high performance computing environment and elastic network storage, supported by ChinaCache's established content and application delivery network.

Customers using the ChinaCache Cloud Services include companies that operate online social networks, online games, e-commerce, and online media services, among others.

Content Bridging Services

Content Bridging Services utilize the company's nationwide service platform interconnected with networks operated by all of the telecommunications carriers to ''bridge'' Internet content exchanges amongst networks.

Content Bridging Services effectively reduce cross traffic amongst carriers and help to significantly improve the end-user experience.

Internet Exchange and Data Center Services

We have formed a strategic cooperation with an industry leading independent internet exchange to jointly develop an internet exchange in China to be branded “CHN-IX”. Upon completion, CHN-IX is expected to provide interconnected data center platform and internet exchange related services for domestic Chinese and international ISPs, cloud and IT services providers, content providers, financial companies, enterprises and network, online games operators and mobile services providers to promote efficient exchanges of internet traffic and interconnections with lower operating cost and increased business opportunities. In January 2016, Xin Run entered into joint venture agreements with Henan Zhongfu Industrial Corporation, or Zhongfu, to jointly develop internet data centers to tap into the growing demand for IDC services in Henan. The joint venture is expected to take advantage of the low-cost land and electric resources in Gongyi city, Henan Province in China, to develop internet data centers. Zhongfu agrees to contribute land, electricity and the majority of capital to the joint venture, and Xin Run agrees to primarily provide expertise in the areas of data center technology, market development, project management and data center operating and maintenance services.

Value-added Services

ChinaCache also offers a wide variety of value-added services, including:

  • Geo-Content Acceleration service: Enabling websites to automatically provide end-users with content corresponding to the end-user's specific geographic location.
  • Performance Evaluation Module: Allowing customers to monitor their own websites on a real-time basis and to measure the effects of the ChinaCache services.
  • Scalable Service Routing service: Providing domain name server resolution and global load balancing for multiple servers located across different regions to address issues with the complex, and often unreliable, network environment in China.
  • Link Anti-Hijack service: Helping to prevent unauthorized links to content on customers' websites.
  • NetStorage service: Providing high performance data storage over the Internet, supported by the ChinaCache network infrastructure, along with multi-level back-ups and security measures.
  • User Behavior Analysis service: Clustering and evaluating the online behaviour of specific target audiences to assist customers in better engaging with visitors to their websites and improving the end-users' interaction with their websites.
  • Website Performance Evaluation service: Assisting customers to identify popular web content and products and determine the geographical locations of their target audiences so as to improve the effectiveness of their online marketing efforts.
  • All-around Application Acceleration Solution. Our network service portfolio has expanded from external web site acceleration to the enterprise's intranet connection, especially for multi-national companies that have globally distributed data hubs. Our service offering provides both secure and accelerated connections between these data hubs.
  • Cloud Extension Solution. Cloud Extension is developed for cloud service providers to improve their service quality and end user experience. Our Cloud Extension Solution can provide security for cloud applications, and we are able to protect our customers' data centers through our approximately 25,000 edge servers.
  • CC Index. CC Index is China's first analytics platform that provides internet users real-time data on traffic, bandwidth and usage habits, as well as other key statistics. We gather data on the internet landscape and usage patterns across the country, covering the fixed-line, Wi-Fi, 2G and 3G networks of various carriers. We believe that the analytics provided by CC Index are valuable to government agencies, major carriers and other ISPs as well as end-users looking to increase online speed and improve the overall web experience. CC Index also has 24-hour real-time data that provides additional analysis of internet speeds across China and is available at www.ccindex.cn, which is a free service to the public.
  • File Aware Download. For game developers and enterprise portals who distribute software electronically, we have introduced "File Aware Download," or FAD. FAD is a one-stop solution, which not only offers CDN technology, end-user control ability and a fully customizable user interface, but also provides insight into download analytics and content usage information. It guarantees download performance and enhances user experience, which is crucial to game publishers.

Mobile Internet Solutions

Our mobile internet solutions have been helping carriers to overcome interconnection problems, and we have over 20 provincial-level carrier customers utilizing our solution. In mid-2013, we started pilot testing to extend our caching solution from the core network level into radio base stations, and for some content, we aim to eventually be able to deliver directly to mobile devices. We call this solution "mobile Content-aware Network", or mCaN. It is a multi-layer caching solution, through which we can cache different content in different network layers and best utilize network resources. In July 2013, we signed a framework agreement with Altobridge, an Irish company specializing in radio network caching, to deliver multi-layered technology solutions for mobile internet content delivery. Traditionally, content delivery network provides caching for a single network layer, but the technology we developed in joint efforts with Altobridge enables caching of data on all three layers of the network. We believe that this multi-layered approach will improve mobile network performance and help carriers optimize user experience of their subscribers.

In March 2014, we signed a memorandum of understanding with Nokia Solutions and Networks, or NSN, to incorporate our innovative CDN technology into NSN's liquid applications solution, or Liquid Applications. The collaboration is designed to enable content to be delivered directly from the LTE base station, which translates into faster data throughput and a whole new level of personalization for superior customer experience. The goal of the collaboration is to further enhance Liquid Applications and expand our competence in mobile internet content delivery. Liquid Applications will enable innovative features for our current technology, such as improved location capabilities, awareness of user behavior, and real-time adaptation to network conditions.

In addition, we have another mobile internet technology under development, targeted at end user devices including handsets, tablets, WiFi access points, and set top boxes, where our technology can optimize the performance of both application and traffic routes. This product can benefit both existing customers and new customers like AppStore providers, handset manufacturers and carriers. In late 2013, we started trials with certain selected customers.

In June 2014, we entered into a strategic framework agreement with Inmobly, a U.S.-based mobile Internet solution provider, to jointly develop a mobile service platform specifically addressing the business environment in China and the key demand of the end-users. We will focus on video application under this strategic framework and believe this product has significantly improved mobile end-user experience.

In early 2015, we introduced mobile internet intelligence aware solution - MPlus. MPlus extends more advantages to mobile e-commerce, mobile games, mobile social and other mobile Internet companies that generate heavy data traffic, allowing them to achieve transmission speeds that are substantially higher than average. MPlus is a network-aware, terminal-aware and application-aware intelligence solution. MPlus realizes intelligent acceleration through the implementation of file merge, deferred loading and HTML intelligent analysis.

Cloud Infrastructure Development

In early 2013, we acquired land use right in Tianzhu Comprehensive Bonded Zone in Beijing and intended to develop cloud infrastructure in collaboration with our clients. As of the date of this annual report, we have entered into agreements with two clients relating to ChinaCache Atecsys International Data Center, or Atecsys, a cloud data center to be developed in the aforesaid area. The first phase of construction is expected to be completed by December 2015 for the first batch of purchasers, including people.cn and Beijing Federation of Supply and Marketing Cooperatives, or BFSMC. Pursuant to the agreements, they agree to purchase part of the cloud infrastructure from us. Under our arrangement with BFSMC, Beijing Blue I.T. will lease back the property to be sold to BFSMC upon the completion of the transfer. The final sales agreement will be entered into after the requisite governmental approvals are obtained. Cloud data centers are generally dominated by a limited number of domestic organizations on a leasing basis in China.

In early 2015, we officially launched our next generation cloud-based CDN platform, HPCC. HPCC offers our customers enhanced stability and utilization through a unified distribution platform that dispatches available bandwidth across all customer verticals. The HPCC platform is expected to result in better traffic load balance, higher bandwidth reuse rates, lower maintenance costs, and greater efficiency through automated dispatching that maximizes bandwidth utilization, accelerates bandwidth allocation, and minimizes the potential for human error as compared with traditional CDN architectures.

Given the emerging cloud computing trend, more large enterprises in China will want to have their own cloud data center. With the development of our cloud infrastructure and cloud platform, we are well positioned to be the innovative cloud CDN leader in China.